Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Microfiber of it All.

I can't stress this you cleanse, condition, and DRY your hair has just as much effect on your finished curls as how you style it.  

Having the proper tool to towel-dry your hair will make a huge difference in the overall appearance (and condition) of your hair.

My number one recommendation is a microfiber towel.  Microfibers are great because they absorb a tremendous amount of water while at the same time keeping your curls calm and frizz-free.  When you towel-dry with a conventional terry cloth towel, the fiber loops will grab and pull at your hair, causing a bit of a "halo" effect and disrupting the natural fall of your locks.  

In a pinch, an old t-shirt is also a good choice.  Since it has no nap to pull at the hair, it is an effective scrunching device.  Your only compromise is absorption so if you have longer, fuller curls that hold a LOT of water, a t-shirt might not quite get the job done.

I have tried quite a few microfibers, and my favorite is the Plunking Towel offered by JessiCurl.  It is a big 24" x 32", so even the longest, thickest hair can be properly dried.  It has a good thickness and holds up very well to repeat washings.  For $15, not a bad deal.  :)  JessiCurl also sells a smaller, thinner version called the Scrunching Towel, which might be more appropriate for shorter, finer hair.

You can purchase the Plunking Towel at the link below:

The smaller Scrunching Towel:

Also of note... Jessica (who runs Jessicurl) has some great videos on her site demonstrating various drying techniques with a microfiber... be sure to check them out!!


  1. I really enjoyed watching the Jessi Curl vids and reading the site. It's amazing what one can learn.