Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hair Dryer Recommendation

It's interesting how the same question can pop up from several clients at relatively the same time.  I've been asked lately for hair dryer recommendations, and I figured I'd share it here.  :)

My pick...the CHI Pro Low EMF hair dryer (pictured below with concentrator nozzle attachment).

This is their basic, no-frills model, and for the money, their best.  Two speeds, cold shot button ... couldn't be easier to operate.  It comes standard with a diffuser attachment and concentrator nozzle.  But the best features of the dryer, personally, are its light weight and negative ionic charge.

What is negative ionic charge, you may ask?

Simply put, it helps to break the water molecules in your hair down into smaller particles, thus dispersing moisture more efficiently, requiring less heat to dry the hair (and thus the cuticle does not open as much and consequently compromise hair integrity) and ensuring a quicker drying time.  If you are diffusing your hair and wish your curls to stay beautifully formed and shiny, negative ionic charge is a must.

The CHI Pro Low EMF is available at many online retailers, as well as ULTA stores.  Expect to pay about $110 for the dryer.  An investment, but entirely worth it.


  1. I may be one of those people you mention querying you about hair dryers, and I find it eminently possible that you came up with the idea for your blog after my rant on Saturday the 11th about my *horrible* **HORRIBLE** new hair dryer ;-D

    I actually found your Chi Pro Low EMF dryer at Amazon for about $67 plus $11 shipping. Hopefully it will come with the indispensable diffuser attachment.....

    Thanks for the explanation about the negative ionic charge -- your clarity when you explain How Stuff Works is unrivalled!! ;-)

  2. Karel, it should absolutely come with a diffuser. If it doesn't, someone monkeyed with something in packaging ;)...

    Report back if you have any problems when it arrives.