Thursday, May 21, 2009

Curl Nostalgia...

While recently thrifting for some new kitchen wares, I stumbled upon a copy of Modern Salon Styles from 1972.  It was seventy pages filled with all sorts of sprayed and meticulously coifed creations, which by the early 70s were on their way out.

On the back page was a feature titled "7 Steps to a more beautiful you!"  Among the pearls of wisdom was step 3:

"Perm, Baby, Perm!  Today's hair fashion world is a curly world.  To keep up with curl, a perm's the answer ... unless you're a too-curly girl ... then it's straightening for you.  Let your professional curl specialist show you the way to natural looking locks full of body and bounce."

Damned if you have, damned if you have not, indeed.

The wondrous irony of it all is the notion of using chemical alteration for "natural looking locks."  The sad realization, however, is how much of the professional styling world still sees hair as something to be controlled, lest it get out of hand and take over one's head.  ;)

Slowly but surely, I feel we're getting better at this.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to hear the follow-up to "I love your curls!" be "I bet you love them, too!", rather than, "I bet you hate them"...  

I eagerly await that day.  :)

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